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Mrs. Evelyn International Academy / Evelyn Educates Tutoring

"When learners practice until they have fully mastered the concepts before moving forward, the magic happens." -Mrs. Evelyn

Here in Evelyn Educates Community, we serve grades Pre-K through College.

The Evelyn Team creates individualized plans for every single learner and family. We're a support system for you every step of the way.

We teach live lessons every day in both 1:1 settings and small group settings.

We believe your children, teens, and young adults are beautifully and wonderfully made with gifts and talents to share with the world

. They deserve individual attention and a lasting bond with their teacher who serves as an educational leader and mentor.

We gracefully honor all humans, faiths, and backgrounds, and we honor all through contagious joy and love. ​​​We advocate and love the voices of the unheard and the voices that are loud and proud. There is a place for you here.

Mrs. Evelyn looks forward to connecting with you.




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