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Movie and Video Projects

At WEquil.School we do a TON of projects! Here are some of our favorite video projects. Kids interested in project based learning may find these to be helpful examples.

We also teach kids how to use technology!

Organize clubs

And plan Field Trips!

YouTube Shorts Here are a list of projects in short videos (shorts) that may inspire you!

Click this link to watch!

1. Becoming a Better Big Sister

My sister created this project, but not without my help! I'm Sumay's little sister. We published this project in September of 2018 when I was six years old and Sumay was nine. Here is the original article if you would like to read it.

2. Cat Food Necessities

In this video I explain the difference between necessities, luxuries, and normal goods using cat food! The written version of this project is actually in another short video linked below on "Types of Goods".

3. Types of Goods

In this video my classmates and I provide a bit more explanation into the economics of necessities, luxuries, and normal goods!

If you enjoyed these project ideas consider checking out my "Aila's Long Video Projects" list below!

Learning should be fun! If its might want to try learning at WEquil School :)


Aila McPhail

Co-Founder and CEO of WEquil School

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