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More info on the Java Coding Class

Assuming that you got to this link from my website, you should have some knowledge of how this class works.

In Wequil School, at the time of writing this, we have 4 main coding classes: (more to come)

Beckett: Scratch

Benny (me): Java

Aila: Flutter Sumay: Python

My advice is to start with Beckett's class, (it's not up at the time of writing this) and then starting my class. Then again, as long as you have done a little bit of coding, you should be able to learn Java without problems.

Beckett has been one of my best friends for years, and we talk on discord daily. Even if you have done a little bit of Scratch before or even a little bit of Java, I strongly encourage you to try out his class, as well as mine if you want.

As for Aila's class, I suggest that you take hers after mine. I might make a 2nd class on texturepacks and how to draw using a graphic design app, as if you want to create a datapack it's always a good idea to have a texturepack paired with it.

Flutter is on app building, and in my opinion, it's a little confusing. That's why I think that Wequil School has built sort of a staircase of coding classes, ranging from easiest to hardest, with mine being in the middle.

Later in the class, we will be learning datapacks, which is a more advanced version of command blocks, and what we will be using in the Wequil School Minecraft servers.

I hope this gave you some insight on what places you should start, and again, I strongly encourage giving Beckett's class a try. He thinks that he can't do a lot of things, but I know that when he tries hard it turns out better than anyone else's.

As always, I hope you learned something, and see you (hopefully) in Beckett's class and mine!

~ Benny



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