Moderator Instructions

WEquil School hosts a demo day every Saturday at 2:00 PM live on Facebook. At each demo day there is a moderator that organizes and runs the demo day. All WEquil School students can be a moderator as long as they have participated in demo day before. Here is a the process document with steps on how to be a moderator and how to organize demo day.

How can I become a moderator?

Student Mentors and above are eligible to moderate a Demo Day. Those who have an interest can reach out to the leadership at WEquil.School. Once a student mentor has successfully moderated a Demo Day they are eligible to apply to become an official Moderator at WEquil.School.

Moderating a Demo Day is a big responsibility that begins one month before the Demo Day begins and includes everything from reviewing the virtual classroom, providing updates and resources to students, marketing on social media, helping students upload projects, setting up the Zoom meetings for rehearsal a Demo Day, moderating the Demo Day itself, and creating the final Demo Day video to be uploaded to the WEquil.School YouTube channel.

Instructions for moderating a Demo Day are as follows:

  • Apply to be a moderator (1 month out) - You do this by emailing with the subject "Demo Day Moderator Application" and include the following: Full name, proposed subject, proposed Saturday that is at least one month out, why you believe you are qualified, and stated acceptance of the responsibilities listed below.

  • Blog Post (1 month out) - Publish a blog post of the upcoming Demo Day including what the demo day will be about, information on how students can create projects and apply to be on demo day, and how you are moderating the demo day. Use the category corresponding to your blog and appropriate Level.

  • Publication Notification ( 1 month) - Publish your Demo Day blog post link in WEquil.School's Auditorium. Verify that leadership saw this and published your link on WEquil.School Facebook groups.

  • Call for projects (3 weeks out) - Share your Demo Day blog post again with improvements and ask students at WEquil.School to join. Include a link to the improved virtual classroom. Indicate that you are available to help them come up with project ideas and socialize drafts. Verify that leadership shared your Demo Day blog post on WEquil.School Facebook groups.

  • Facilitate socialization and collaboration (1-2 weeks out) - Take a leadership role reaching out to students that indicated interest, replying to messages, and socializing drafts relating to your Demo Day.

  • Moderate Dress Rehearsal (Thursday before Demo Day) - Verify that all projects are eligible for Demo Day (See section 4). Verify that Leadership has provided a Zoom link for the Dress Rehearsal an hour before 5 pm eastern. Run the dress rehearsal in a manner consistent with past Demo Day moderators with one exception...pause after each presentation and allow everyone to provide feedback and suggestions. Indicate to leadership if you believe any project or presenter is not ready for Demo Day.

  • Create and Publish Agenda* (Friday before Demo Day) - See steps below under "Agenda Requirements". Publish the agenda by noon on Friday with WEquil.School. Verify that leadership published the agenda on Social media before 2 pm on Friday.

  • Publication Notification ( Friday before Demo Day) - Publish your Demo Day blog post link in WEquil.School's Auditorium. Verify that leadership saw this and published your link on WEquil.School Facebook groups.

  • Moderate Demo Day - Moderate the private and public Demo Day in a manner that is consistent or better than the quality of past Demo Days. Work with leadership if you have questions and suggestions for how to accomplish this. Record the public Demo Day using Zoom so you can complete step 10.

  • Create Demo Day Video - Create an MP4 file of the Demo Day using the Zoom recording. Make edits as you deem appropriate and in collaboration with WEquil.School participants. Share with MP4 with leadership to publish on YouTube.

Agenda Requirements:

  • Agenda is published as a blog post on WEquil.School in the virtual classroom and the Moderator's blog.

  • The agenda thumbnail (top picture) is created using our Canva Template.

  • Use profile pictures and full names for kids 13 and up.

  • Use family pictures and first names only for kids under 13 years old.

  • Include links to all Demo Day projects

  • If there's a Guest Speaker add their photo, name, and profession at the bottom of the agenda

  • Send out demo day agenda in Slack with links to projects (Tag presenters with @ sign)

  • Have presenters prepare remarks

  • On Saturday at 11:00 AM private message presenters with Zoom Link


Demo Day is a great way to improve on students public speaking skills, but becoming a moderator also teaches you skills of leadership, organization, and relationship building.