Mock Trial Demo Day


Upcoming Mock Trial Demo day on August 14! On this demo day, everyone will be picking a role and act it out in a fake court, reach out to Aanya M. on slack if you would like to participate.


The defendant is being accused of stealing credit cards.

Roles you can choose from

Defendant: Available (An individual being accused of a crime)

Jury: Taken by viewers of Facebook live (Decide if defendant is guilty of the crime; at the end, the viewers of the Facebook live will vote)

Defense: Available (Lawyer presenting the case for the defendant)

Prosecutor: Taken by Aanya M. (Lawyer who conducts a case against a defendant)

Judge: Available (Responsible for making sure rules in court are being followed; if a defendant is found guilty they are responsible for making the punishpent)

Witness: Available (2 slots.) (A witness is a person who saw or heard the crime take place or may have important information about the crime or the defendant. They will share what they saw/what information they have.)


Once you have picked a role you must have a project related to this demo day posted. Things you could write about are your role does or what mock trial is.

Guest speaker

We are looking for a guest speaker. If you are a professional in the related field, please consider being our guest speaker.

How to participate

Families from anywhere are welcome to participate in our Demo Day by joining our public Facebook Group. From here you will receive updates on our Theme of the week, upcoming Demo Days, and resources from our website on how to learn by doing! Then you share your Creative Projects with other members of the group!

We broadcast our public Demo to everyone in this Facebook group at 2pm EST. We also record these and put them up on our YouTube channel. Check out this recent Demo Day on Psychology with student-led presentations and insights from our guest speaker Dr Bergman of Harvard Medical School!