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Mission #1 - Lusa and the Last Winter

Hello Roleplayers!

My name is Joseph McPhail. My daughters created a roleplay game called Lusa and the Last Winter roleplay series. For Sumay's birthday I am creating this Dungeon Master Project outlining the rules for playing their first mission. WEquil School members are free to join at 4pm on May 29th 2021. All you need to do is follow these instructions to create your player character projects. Zoom link to join the game will be sent out at 3:50pm EDT.

Each Dungeon Master Project must include a setting, rules, and player character instructions. This allows anyone that want to play to create characters with which to play.

1. Setting

Details on the setting were laid out in the roleplay game called Lusa and the Last Winter roleplay series. Please read this before moving on to the rules of the game.

2. Rules

The goal of the game is to work together to avoid total war between the two dragon factions and their human supporters. Player Characters are required to work together. That said, players may have strong opinions about which faction is in the right and work toward persuading other PCs to come to their side. To win...PCs need to devise an execute a plan that successfully brings the two factions together and thus bring peace back to the land of Kumandra.


  • All dragons will have 20 hit points and deal up to six damage during combat.

  • All humans will have 10 hit points and deal up to four damage during combat.

  • Modifications to these based on circumstances of combat will be made at the discretion of the DM.

Personality Types

  • Each PC will have a Myers Briggs Personality Type. These types will play a key role in determining if PCs are successful in executing certain aspects of their plan. For example, a more entertaining personality type will be more likely to succeed in distracting or befriending a NPC should that be attempted.

  • PCs are encouraged to try personality types that differ from their own. That's part of the fun!

Game progression

  • The DM will occasionally have PCs roll dice to see if they are successful in various actions during the game.

3. Player Character Instructions

In order to play, you must create a Player Character Project with the following elements:

  1. Picture, title, and reference to the roleplay game called Lusa and the Last Winter roleplay series and this DM Project so everyone knows which roleplay game your character applies.

  2. Name and backstory for your PC. The backstory must include a public occupation within either the Fanda or Lusa factions. Occupations may include jobs like general for one of the armies, messenger, trusted advisor, parents or sibling of one of the leaders...etc. These occupations should have some kind of influence over the leaders of the two factions, making your PC important to their decision making process.

  3. Myers Briggs Personality Type that is preferably different from yours. These personality types are critical in determining if you are successful in executing your part of your team's plans to being the factions together. You can use this website to review different personalities or copy paste the link below.

Here is a link to a Player Character Template if you want to join!





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