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Making your own Mindcraft

By: Sumay McPhail

Hi! I’m Sumay, and I am here to help you make your own Mindcraft. A Mindcraft is a world inside your mind that you can create! Each Mindcraft is different...based on your specific wants and needs. It is a place where you can make your own reality and build your dream world!

When I created my first Mindcraft I started with things I wanted and thought would make my life better. For example, I wanted my room to be connected to my sisters and my parents since my actual room was on a different floor. There really is no stopping you since there are infinite things that you could want that would make your life better! So you just imagine your dream house on a dream landscape. Some people might like to be in a beach house. Others in a friendly forest! The only limit is your imagination!

My dream house is on a beach! You can go to extremes on just everyday things! For example my bed, it wakes me up and gives me breakfast in bed everyday unless I want to cook it. When I want to read, I press a button and a kindle drops down! There is also a button that I press that dumps a bunch of stuffed animals on me!

Once you create your dream world though it won’t be the same if you don’t believe you are there. Tell yourself that you are part of this world and then when you lie on your dream bed you can really feel the fluffiness of your blankets! But you won’t be able to if you don’t believe you are really in that world.

So the steps are pretty simple. First you have to imagine the things you truly want, if you could have whatever you wanted what would those things be? Let’s say you want a hot tub in your humongous bathroom...then create it! You want your room to have fifteen floors? Go at it! Create your house and the landscaping around it. Build the interior and place things where you want them. Remember this is all in your mind! You add your swimming pool and hot tub, your closet, your clothes. There’s nothing you can’t have when it lives in your mind!

It gets better... next comes living your Mindcraft!

Believe you are actually in the world, then you live it! It passes time when you are bored! You can also do it before bed!

Good luck,

Sumay McPhail


Aila here with a few more suggestions on starting your first Mindcraft.

Start small and specific. For example, think about the coolest kind of bed you could ever have. What can it do? How big would it be? What if you could push a button and have a robot appear that would play games with you or read you books, make a show using shadow puppets, turn your walls and ceiling into an image of the beach with sand and water all around. Once you have your perfect bed you can start to expand to your whole room!

Maybe there is a magic trap door that leads to a magical place you want to go to. Maybe there is a tiny kitchen just the right size for you that pops out of the floor!

Well...have fun building your Mindcraft! I hope you enjoy it!

Aila McPhail



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