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Mia's Octopus Teacher

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

By Mia R.

My Octopus Teacher is a real life movie on Netflix. That has a excellent photographer Who lives in South Africa that got Sick. The Reason he got Sick is because He was getting too stressed so he started snorkeling. He Learned how to breathe underwater and he found a an octopus hiding under a strange formation of sea shells. Turns out the octopus catches fish by hiding under sea shells!

While the octopus was trying to catch fish a shark came. She shark chased the octopus!

The octopus kept hiding, but at the end the shark ate the octopus...but not before the photographer found the octopus’ baby. The photographer took care of the baby so the movie has a happy ending!

I think other kids should watch this documentary because it can teach them about underwater animals!

By Mia R.


Note By Mr WEquil ...

Lifeschool projects like this at WEquil.School give young kids a chance to be a teacher. Kids don't often get a chance to teach...but Mia taught me about this documentary and after watching the trailer I am very excited to share it with my family for movie night. Younger kids like Mia can discover they are powerful people at a young age if given the opportunity to share their passions and teach other kids something new. When we grownups give kids a voice we discover that we can learn a lot ... I certainly did ... Mia is now my Octopus Teacher.



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