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LifeSchool Videos Demo Day

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Moderated by Aila WEquil, Age 9, CEO of Blend & Mix.


Welcome to the LifeSchool Videos Demo Day Project for August 28th, 2021! Join our Facebook group to participate! This is where families from anywhere can share their videos and other projects using the www.WEquil.School learning by doing philosophy!

My name is Aila WEquil, CEO of Blend & Mix, a startup I launched from WEquil.School. I will be moderating the Demo Day and helping our members create Minimum Viable Projects to iterate and improve 12pm Thursday August 26th, 2021. That is the due date for members that wish to participate in this LifeSchool Videos Demo Day!

Guest Speaker!

We have a really awesome guest speaker lined up for our Demo Day! Evan Rosenfeld is an award-winning documentary film maker! He is a story-teller who creates films that are both informative and entertaining. His work lends itself well to our "LifeSchool" theme because he focuses on compelling subject matters that relate to culture and society. Evan is a production executive at VICE Media, Mandalay Sports Media, and Hecho Studios. He also created his own production company Dukes Up. You can read about his work as his website linked below.