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India 102

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

By: Sumay McPhail

Hello everybody! Today I will be talking more about India! And we will be focusing on three topics: India’s government, India’s economy and resources, and lastly India’s geography and the implications of it. India is a fascinating country with tons of diversity in culture, religion, and language. If you haven’t yet, check out my first post on India! I hope you enjoy!

What is India’s government? India has a mini government controlling each of their states. They have twenty-nine states meaning that they have twenty-nine individual governments! India's culture has created a democracy in which religions and backgrounds have a lot to do with who India chooses to be their leader. So while India has a democracy, a lot of what dictates whether someone is going to be nominated is by whether their religion has the most people in your state you are trying to be nominated for. There is often political tension between different religions as well. With a lot of conflict between different religions, and India's huge diversity in beliefs, this can sometimes be a problem. A few times there have been Muslim rebels against the government because of this.

First, to start talking about India’s economy, we should probably talk about why India is considered an “emerging market.” In my previous post about India this is what I defined an emerging market as If something is an emerging market it means that it has some things about it that make it a market, but doesn’t meet all the standards. The emerging part of it means that it is starting to become more and more developed and will probably become a market one day!India has the fastest growing trillion-dollar economy in the world. In 2019 India became the fifth largest economy in the world! The main force driving India’s economy is agriculture, but India also has many commodities that they can export to other countries such as: coal, iron, and bauxite. But is rich in many other natural resources!

Many people believe that a big reason why the United States became the world's biggest superpower was because of geography. The United States has a giant moat around east and west borders called the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. This is highly convenient since the US didn’t have to worry too much about surrounding countries and could focus on growing itself to become the world’s superpower. India has not as much benefit from geography but enough that India has already started rapidly growing their economy. The lower half of India is completely surrounded by water providing India with a moat just like the US. The border India shares with China is protected by the Himalayas. The only inconvenience seems to be the border with Pakistan. Especially because India and Pakistan have had many conflicts over the years.

Thank you for reading about India! India is the fastest growing trillion dollar economy in the world with the fifth biggest economy as of 2019. It is extremely diverse with more than six religions spread across India and 24 languages spoken by more than a million people. India is rich in natural resources and has many mineral resources as well. As you can see, India is a fascinating country with a fast growing future in front of it as it seems! Then again, thank you for reading!



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