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The Hydrosphere makes up about 71 percent of the surface on Earth. It, along with the other three spheres -- Geosphere (earth), Atmosphere (air) and Biosphere (life) -- gives us the wonder of life. But what is the Hydrosphere made of, why is it important in our lives, and how does it interact with the other spheres? In this lesson we will go over these three questions and learn more about what makes life possible.

What is the Hydrosphere? The Hydrosphere is all of the water on Earth including: the rain, oceans, rivers, lakes, clouds, geysers, and anything along those lines. Even with all of that water all over the place only about seven percent of the Hydrosphere has been discovered or explored. It's hard to explore the oceans of the Hydrosphere because the deeper you get, the more pressure there is that can get you squashed. Fortunately thanks to the power of technology we have submarines that can brave those cold, deep, and high pressure oceans. The best part is with so much of the Hydrosphere not explored, there are so many new species to discover!

Why is the Hydrosphere important? It’s very simple to explain. The Hydrosphere is everything that is water, and we are about 98.5 percent water. Since all life needs water, without the Hydrosphere there would be no life, there would be no such thing as food, not even weather would exist! The Earth would be a planet sized dessert! Every single plant and animal would simply not exist! Now that makes the Hydrosphere pretty important if you asked me.

The Hydrosphere interacts with the other spheres in hundreds of ways. Two examples are making storms with the Atmosphere, and shaping the Geosphere into many landforms by eroding the rock. One of the most meaningful ways the Hydrosphere interacts with the other spheres is by creating the Biosphere (life). By combining all of their differing components the Hydro (water), Atmo (air), and Geo (earth)-sphere interact to create all the necessary nutrients to support life. For example, think about what our body needs; we need water to drink which comes from the Hydrosphere, we need air to breath which is the Atmosphere, and we need food which is made by all of the nutrients from all of the spheres! What a great planet we have!

What have we learned? We learned that the Hydrosphere is made up of everything water, we learned that The Hydrosphere like most of the other spheres are very important in our lives, and we learned how the Hydrosphere interacts with the other spheres to provide the necessities of life! Maybe someday in the future you will grow up to be a scientist and discover more of the Hydrosphere, discover some new place, or an entire new species! I hope the next time you do a water activity you will be able to recognize that the Hydrosphere makes it possible!

Question 1: what percent of the Hydrosphere has been explored or discovered?

Correct: About seven percent

Wrong: There is no such thing as the Hydrosphere

Wrong: About seventy one percent

Wrong: it could be one percent. I could be a hundred. Who knows.

Question 2: If the Hydrosphere disappeared. What would happen

Correct: Every plant and animal would simply not exist

Wrong: Mickey and all of the other Walt Disney characters would come to life

Wrong: every rock and cloud would not exist

Wrong: Every dessert would be an oasis

Question 3: How does the Hydrosphere, Geosphere, and Atmosphere work together to create the Biosphere?

Correct: By combining all of there different components to create the necessary nutrients

Wrong: They simply mesh matter together until they get a life form

Wrong: They simply transplant life from another planet that is forty light years away

Wrong: By combining all of there different organisms together to create the necessary particles



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