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How to Plan a Mother’s Day

by Aila and Sumay McPhail

Mother’s day is a whole day to celebrate your mother, so I will be covering three steps to plan a perfect Mother’s Day. The first step is planning food and getting the groceries, the second step is planning and making the gifts, and the last step is planning the activities. Mother’s day is one of my most favorite holidays because I can do things that I like such as making crafts and gifts while adding value and making my mom happy. Next I will explain in detail how to plan the best Mother's Day.

The first step is planning the food you are going to cook. Cooking food for your mom on Mother’s day is really meaningful because she gets a break from her regular chores for her special day. To do that you need to figure out what you are going to cook for breakfast and decide whether or not to give her breakfast in bed. When you are deciding what kinds of foods to make for your mother, think about her favorite foods and google fancy recipes. Before you cook for lunch, you can do extra chores and clean the table. Another thing you can do is to decorate the room. Lastly for dinner you can set up some candles and dim the lights. You might need your dad’s help to figure out recipes and do groceries.

Gifts on mothers day are really important, so I will focus on how you can use personality types to know what kind of gifts would be more meaningful for your mom. Analyst mothers are more likely to enjoy these meaningful gifts: doing a service for her or a house chore that she doesn't like to do, having an interesting conversion, and making her a thoughtful card. Diplomat mothers enjoy long wholehearted messages on their cards, special homemade gifts, support, and quality time. Sentinel mothers (my mom) enjoy cards, gifts, traditions, activities at home, and most importantly quality time. Explorer mothers enjoy having exciting experiences more than gifts, for example, planning a surprise trip to go somewhere you’ve never been.

The last step is planning the activities. Think about your mom's favorite thing to do. If you are having trouble getting ideas on what activities you should plan for Mother’s day ask your mom about her favorite things to do. Your mom may pick an activity that you may not enjoy doing but just remember don’t complain about it. Depending on what you mom likes she will want to do things at home, go to places, or go on adventures. You can also plan some surprises, for example, you can set up a performance like a comedy routine or singing. If you think of any other surprises do that too, just make sure that your mom will like it. Always remember to be supportive and encouraging all day of anything your mom wants to do.

In this article I talked about how to plan the best Mother’s day for your mom. Oftentimes we forget just how much our moms really help us, support us, and love us. Mother’s day is when you show how much you appreciate all the little things they do each and every day. What I talked about specifically was how to plan the food, gifts, and activities. Every mom is different, and you should think about what is going to be the most meaningful for your mom on Mother’s Day!


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