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How To Emotionally Prepare For A Natural Disaster

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

When you hear that a natural disaster is coming such as a tornado or hurricane, you may be scared. I am here to help with that fear with three tips to be emotionally prepared for any natural disaster. Learn about the natural disaster, prepare in advance, and get close to family. I hope this will help you in the future when a natural disaster is headed your way.

When you learn about the disaster that is coming, you will be able to learn what the real dangers are for your location. For example, a hurricane is a big storm that spins and has a center with perfectly clear skies. It has strong winds, lighting, and lots of rain. The dangers of a hurricane are tornados, flooding, and flying debris. If I live near Sugar Loaf Mt., I know that I’m 60 miles away from the coast and I’m near the highest place in Florida, so there won’t be flooding damage any time soon. Consider if I live in a sturdy house I don’t have to worry about flying objects. So really the only thing to worry about are the tornados!

Another way to emotionally prepare is to be ready in advance. When you are prepared you feel safer. For example in a tornado, plan a room to stay in for the disaster that is coming and get some supplies. Supplies include more than 1 gallon of water for each person, food, clean clothing, a first aid kit, and anything else that might suit your family or pets. Another thing that would help is to look at maps for shelters in case you need to evacuate and find a route to that shelter.

It’s a good idea to connect to the ones you love to feel better. Talk to your parents about why you are scared and they can help you. Teaching a younger sibling can help you realize that the natural disaster is not so bad after all. Even a hug can help you feel better. Plan time with your family and practice for when the disaster comes. Or maybe talk to a relative who’s been in a natural disaster before.

I hope this helps you feel prepared for when a natural disaster is coming! Today we learned three tips to emotionally prepare yourself for a natural disaster: learn about the disaster, prepare in advance, and get close to your family and friends! When a big hurricane is heading



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