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How To Deal With Writer's Block

Ah, writer's block…one of the worst things in the world. It can happen at any time and it can lead you to years of not writing anything. Well, fear not friends there are easy solutions to slay this mighty dragon! Today we will be talking about three of them, which are to choose a different subject, change your surroundings, and deny it all. I use these all the time and they really help, I hope they will help you too.

Number One: Change Your Writing Subject

You heard me. Moving away from whatever writing subject is giving you a hard time really helps. Writing on a different one can help get your brain flowing. So even if you write “I am writing this because I read an article on how it helps fix writer’s block; I like bananas” it’s going to help you a lot by refreshing your mind and giving you not only good ideas, but possibly laughs too.

Number Two: Change Your Surroundings

Changing your surroundings can help you change your way of thinking. Staying in the same place all the time can make you easily bored which blocks your brain, only letting it think of the most basic functions such as breathing and eating. Going to a new place can make your mind feel excited and refreshed. It doesn't matter whether you go to that new restaurant or just a different room in your house, as long as you're somewhere different you will be off to a good start!

Number Three: Deny it All

Completely denying the fact that writer’s block even exists can trick your mind into believing that it doesn't exist as well therefore releasing you from those bonds. This is a very simple tactic which I have found to work really well. Here is a very quick example: “Writer’s block is a myth! It doesn't exist and therefore I don’t have it!” You could even go overboard and write a whole paragraph on why writer’s block is a silly thing that falls right into the same category as mermaids and dragons. Yeah…like I’ve never done that.

There we have it! Three ways to overcome writer's block all the time. So much that I’ve used at least these twice just writing this article. To review, I talked about three ways to overcome writer's block which are: Change Your Writing Subject, Change Your Surroundings, and Deny it All. We also talked about why these approaches work. I hope this article helped you with your articles, blogs, and stories that you are working on and the ones you’ll be writing in the future. Congrats! Writer’s block is no longer one the worst things in the world for you.



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