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Aila's Poems

Hello Friends and Family!

Welcome to my poems! I like writing poems that are uplifting and silly. When I think of a good one I will add to this blog post. Enjoy!

Heart Hero

I'm a heart hero.

I love doing sports.

To keep me healthy in the winter

I never wear shorts.

I’m healthy,

I'm energetic,

and I'm athletic too.

I run laps every day,

and I exercise in every way.

I’m a heart hero,

I’m a heart hero.

I like it this way

when I’m a heart hero.

Pigs And More Pigs

Pigs, pigs dirty and fun

Pigs, pigs as bright as the sun

Pigs, pigs all that I need

Pigs, pigs I always feed

Pigs, pigs pink and round

Pigs, pigs, and more pigs.

By Aila McPhail



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