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FroNGirls Discover 3D Printing!

During the pandemic our family started our first live TV show called "FroN'Girls". During this episode we share our experiences discovering 3D Printing. We did several more talks about 3D Printing and things we are building. Check out everything our members are building inside our 3D Printing Virtual Classroom!

The story behind FroN'Girls should be evident from the picture of Sumay and dad below.

Sumay decided that given the situation the following logo was most appropriate.

We love FroN'Girls in part because scrolling through the playlist provides a progression of Dad's hair during the last few months of the pandemic. Here is the first episode.

We decided the hair had to go after new years if we were going to succeed in attracting new Dad had to start looking like a respectable adult again. That is also when we rebranded to WEquil.School.




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