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Freedom and Faith on Facebook

Updated: Apr 3

Dear Homeschoolers,

My family and I cherish our involvement in the numerous and diverse homeschooling Facebook groups listed below* which bring together individuals from various faiths and backgrounds. Diversity of opinions, beliefs, and perspectives is a critical part of what helps our children learn about the world and thus prepare for adulthood.

One goal our family has always had with these groups is to foster an environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing their thoughts, learning from each other's differences, and collaborating within our personal homeschool communities. This can be challenging at times, but remains a worthy goal.

We kindly ask that you exercise sound judgment when posting, keeping in mind that each member has the freedom to interpret "God" in their own way. While it may not be appropriate to explicitly invite everyone to join your church, sharing an event from your place of worship and explaining why it could be a valuable experience for children of different faiths might be acceptable.

As for our family, we value the principles of freedom, kindness, and service to others above stringent rules. We believe in each individual's right to make decisions, accept the consequences, and live life as they see fit, provided that their choices do not infringe upon the rights of others.

As these Facebook groups continue to grow, a principle-based approach to group governance might prove insufficient. Nevertheless, we remain committed to avoiding censorship and undemocratic control within our online and local communities.

We appreciate the countless ways, both small and large, in which you contribute to your local community. If you would like to help moderate, or help start a new group in your home town please reach out to Joe WEquil on Facebook.

Warm Regards,

WEquil Family