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Fred and George Weasley

In this article I will be sharing about Fred and George Weasley who are characters from Harry Potter.

Fred and George are twins and were born on April 1st, 19

78 (April Fool’s day). Fred was born first and was followed by George. These twins had five other siblings, first born Bill, then Charlie, Percy, then Ron who was two years younger than Fred and George, and finally Jinny who was three years younger. Fred and George had always been very funny people and were very popular at Hogwarts, even if they sometimes broke school rules.

One thing I like about Fred and George Weasley is that they are very creative and love inventing things for their joke shop called Weasleys Wizard Wheezes. They started their joke shop in their 7th year but they had started inventing even before their brother Ron had joined Hogwarts! In their first year at Hogwarts, they were put into Gryffindor like the rest of their family! There they met Lee Jordan, another Gryffindor in their year. Lee Jordan quickly became the twins’ best friend because he shared their love for jokes! In their first year they found The Marauders Map which became the secret to most of their wrongdoing at school and how they found out about most of the secret passageways!

Fred and George met Harry when he was in his first year on the Hogwarts Express. The twins and Harry are very good friends. Harry even gave Fred and George his Triwizard winnings at the end of his fourth year to help with their joke shop! Fred and George are good friends with Hermione Granger even though she disapproves of breaking school rules whereas the twins did not set much stall by the rules but always had good intentions. Despite this disagreement it actually helped strengthen their relationship and Hermione learned to have more fun over time! Ronald Weasley is Fred and George's brother and even though Fred and George sometimes teese and pull pranks on him, overall their relationship was strong. Fred, George, and Ginny (their little sister) were always very close, from what I have learned from the books Ginny tends to follow in the twins footsteps more than her other brothers!

Thank you for reading my article about the Harry Potter characters Fred and George Weasley! If you are interested in more Harry Potter characters check out my articles about Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, and Dobby the House Elf. You can also check out my sister’s article about Hermione Granger!



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