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Flutter App Virtual Classes

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

By Sharon Zheng and Aanya Malaviya

WEquil.School is offering free Flutter App classes for our students every Monday through Thursday at 9 am Eastern Time. WEquil.School is also free. To join, apply to WEquil.School using the instructions in our Welcome Letter. In your application email to include "Flutter App Virtual Classes" in the subject line.

Learn more about why kids love our free app building class, how our CEO Sumay got the attention of top Google developers with her teaching materials, our virtual classroom and teachers helping Sumay, and other details on this amazing opportunity for #FlutterKids around the world!

Why join!

Well for one reason our CEO Sumay happens to have created one of the best YouTube video series on Flutter in the world. If you don't believe us just ask Tim Sneath who runs Google's Flutter development division.

Sumay just turned 12 years old, but that didn't stop her from becoming the world's youngest Flutterista. She gave a speech to the international group of women developers in May. In that speech, she laid out her vision for how she would lead her growing team of professional developers to scale WEquil.School so kids around the world could learn to build apps just like she learned how to do.

Sumay is passionate about helping grow #FlutterKids around the world. She explains why in her recent interview with Google developer Pawan Kumar that you can view on YouTube. In short, she believes that children have the potential to learn faster when they are free to pursue their passions and interests. Flutter is a powerful tool for scaling young people's imaginations because they are free to digitally create just about anything.

She has been teaching a growing number of WEquil.School students to create Flutter-based apps on everything from simple games and tools to even launching their own startups. Once your kids get good enough at Flutter through this new class they can join Sumay's FlutterKids team who is helping to build out the new WEquil School Flutter App. They begin each morning at 8:30 am Eastern Time. To learn more about the new WEquil.App, you can read about it here.

Virtual Classroom

WEquil.School students will begin by reviewing how to get started and project ideas within our Virtual Classroom. You can visit our classroom by clicking on the picture below.

Students can start immediately but may need assistance along the way. Our teachers Sharon Zheng and Aanya Malaviya will be ready to help and assist through a private Zoom meeting that will be shared on our private Slack group.

Sharon Zheng is a student at the University of Maryland and a Junior Computer Science. She has been working for WEquil.School since May 2021. We met her through Wei Jiang, the CTO of WEquil Group. She has experience teaching young people in her family and friends. This will be her first time teaching Flutter, but we believe she will do a great job because she has been helping us build the new WEquil.App!

Aanya Malaviya is a student mentor at WEquil.School. She was featured in our Flutter App Demo Day and has presented projects on a wide range of subjects, especially history. Aanya is also learning Flutter, and will be learning from Sharon while documenting tools she uses to help your kids along the way so we can improve our virtual classroom!

The purpose of the class is to help kids at WEquil.School learn to scale their imaginations with Flutter Apps while learning from experience what to include in our virtual classroom. Sharon will help kids learn how to get started, navigate our suite of YouTube tutorials, come up with app ideas, and debug code when they run into trouble. Aanya will be in charge of documenting all the problems kids running into and creating the tools, resources, videos, etc. to include in the virtual classroom. Over time, the virtual classroom is useful enough for self-directed learning.

Classes will be held over Zoom. All students can participate so long as they are at least 13 years of age and have written permission from parents to attend. We are offering these classes free of charge in order to learn from experience how to create a better self-directed virtual classroom.

We hope your kids join our growing army of #FlutterKids!


WEquil.School Leadership Team