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Fearless and Free

Fear is a funny thing. It grips us and binds us into limiting beliefs that stop us from making bold moves toward growth. We may never ride a bicycle again since we fell on that bicycle when we were little. We may stop sharing our opinions because of the time we were laughed at in 7th grade for having a thought that was different from the mainstream style. There are a million ways to live in fear as both children and as adults.

Every choice that you make has a footprint. Be bold in your steps.

As adults, we can model living life fearless and free. Be the light for your littles. Take chances. Hop on that bicycle again. Share your worthy thoughts and opinions, and shine your light in this world. When you live a life of service and a life of love, you can live fearlessly and free.

Take your littles by the hand, and live joyously. Listen to your teen's thoughts, and shower them with love. Lead by example, and remember that the world is a magical place.

Lots of love,

Mrs. Evelyn



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