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Falls Church VA, After School Meetup

Hosted by Sumay and Aila ... Co-Founders of WEquil.School ... a free learning community that helps kids use their unique strengths and interests to add value to the world.

Weekly meetup for homeschoolers in Falls Church, Virginia! Come join and meet more homeschoolers every Wednesday at 3pm at private homes with participating families! To join, message Mr Joe WEquil on Facebook. He is a homeschool dad who hosts most of these events at his residence near West Falls Church Metro. Come and meet other homeschoolers. Click here to sign up for the reoccurring Facebook event!

The WEquil Family is a hardcore group of homeschoolers that love connecting with other families that are passionate about learning. Sumay (age 12) started WEquil.School during the pandemic. Her success energized our whole family to help support her vision for a world in which kids everywhere can access high quality free education tailored to their unique strengths and interests. Its been awesome ... but we want to connect more locally to balance screen time and keep up with friends in Falls Church!

We created this After School meetup because we love to homeschool, but we also want to have vibrant relationships with other families that love tailoring the educational experience of their kids to their personality. Our family hosts this meetup in our home so we obviously need to scree anyone before we invite them in ... but if you homeschool and could use a place for your kids to socialize and grow with other curious kids ... well ... this is the meetup for you.

Email us at , join or message homeschool dad located at if you would like to come by and join our After School meetup for homeschoolers. No commitments ... only opportunities.

This event was created by Sumay (age 12) and Aila (age 9) in Falls Church Virginia. We help our dad, Mr Joe WEquil, create reoccurring events for other homeschooling families in Northern Virginia. We are doing this to help create more socialization and education opportunities for homeschoolers in our area. Reach out if you would like help creating a reoccurring event in your neighborhood.


Sumay and Aila

Co-Founders of WEquil.School


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