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Falls Church, Cherry Hill Park Meetup

Hosted by Sumay and Aila WEquil

Weekly meetup for homeschoolers in Falls Church, Virginia! Come join and meet more homeschoolers every Sunday at 3pm on the playground near the Cherry Hill Farmhouse! Come and meet other homeschoolers. Click here to attend the reoccurring Facebook event! We've been going just about every week since early October and every time we make new friends!

The park is located on the map below just north of Route 7, East Broad Street.

This event was created by Sumay (age 12) and Aila (age 9) in Falls Church Virginia. We have been helping our dad, Mr Joe WEquil, create reoccurring events for other homeschooling families in Northern Virginia. We are doing this to help create for socialization and education opportunities for homeschoolers in our area. Reach out if you would like help creating a reoccurring event in your neighborhood.


Sumay and Aila

Co-Founders of WEquil.School


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