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Exercise Club

Updated: Jan 16

WEquil.School's Exercise Club is for anyone that wants to share creative ways to stay fit. One of the WEquil Family's New Year's Resolutions is to get "Tuff and Buff" using a variety of exercises. We play basketball on Mondays and Wednesdays. We also go to the gym every Tuesday and Thursday. On weekends we go hiking. We also share projects and videos in the WEquil.App Exercise Room with members. You are invited to join! This Club is free!

Tuff and Buff Playlist:

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How to join

Step 1 - Signup!

WEquil.School typically charges a small fee to host our clubs, but this club is free! We don't host meetups. However, we do provide a Room for members to share projects, videos, and celebrate victories on their journey to get and stay fit! You can join the Room through our Clubs page or by joining our Exercise Room directly!

Clubs Page

WEquil.App Exercise Room

Step 2 - Join Room

You can also join from our mobile app by downloading it from the Apple App Store. Just search for "WEquil App".

Feel free to introduce yourself to other parents in the room once you join! If you have a WEquil.School "About Me" project you will be prompted to share this to help you connect with others in our learning community!

Step 3 - Share!

New members are encouraged to create projects sharing their exercise goals, creative exercises, and success stories! We are right there with you cheering you on!

We like creating videos to showcase the ways we are staying it. Here are a few of our favorites!

Tuff and Buff

We go to the gym together every Tuesday and Thursday. Sometimes we are super serious. Sometimes we are not. You can guess which days make it to our YouTube Playlist ...


We go on TONS of adventures. Most of the time this means hikes in the woods or rafting. But sometimes...

... we find creative ways to exercise we had never thought of before! We share our favorite adventures in this YouTube Playlist ...

Tae Kwon Do!

Sumay and Aila have been doing Tae Kwon Do since first grade! Sumay got her Black Belt last year. Aila hopes to get hers this year. Many of our favorite moments are in this YouTube Shorts playlist ...

Why join?

At WEquil.School we believe in helping kids learn a lot more than just academics. We help prepare kids for the real world...and a big part of that is learning healthy habits. Staying in shape is a critical part of living a healthy and happy life. We can help by providing encouragement and community!


WEquil Family


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