Eli's Notes #1

Hi Eli! So, from now on, before every class, I will write a little article for you to study before we actually get into the class. That way you are a little prepared! For the 6th class tomorrow, we will be learning the fill command. The way it works is that you can fill an area of any size with any block! So, to begin this, we need to place two blocks away from each other. These will act as the two corners for the rectangle. So once you have your blocks, you have to open up your debug menu, and then look at the block. On the left hand side of your debug menu, there will be a line that says selected block: and then a number. You need to copy this number as it is the location of the block. Do the same for the other block, and then write their locations down and copy it. It should look something like this:

64 32 12 23 43 12

The first set of three numbers is the first block, and the second set of three numbers is the second block.

So, paste this into a fill command that looks like this:

/fill 64 32 12 23 43 12

Then, enter the block you want. After that, you are done!