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Eclypse Backstory

By: Aila Mcphail

At first everything was fine, but definitely not a dream. I live on my home planet named something I still can't pronounce. My mom homeschools me and right now. I am half listening to her drone on and on about how fractions are apparently soooooooo important. Anyways, our house is not anything special or big, but big enough to fit my mom, my dad and my 9 year old self. My dad’s name is Jason, my mom is named Isabella, and my name is Eclipse Starlight.

My name matches something I have never understood about myself. I can create tiny stars, moons, milky ways and even galaxies with my hands. But I can’t make it too big or else I get really tired or lose control. Losing control of even a tiny star can be rather disruptive. My ability is pretty cool, but my family lives right smack in the middle of the woods so it’s kinda hard to practice. My Dad hates it when I make stars. He worries I might burn down the whole forest...and I kinda see his point. So mostly still to least while he is looking.

“Eclypse”, “Were you listening to anything I just said?” my mom said, dragging me out of my train of thought.

“No.” I said.

My mom sighed dramatically “Well. I guess what I meant was that you should stop day-dreaming when you are doing math and specifically fractions.”

I groaned and stomped up stairs. As you can see math is not my favorite subject, especially if it involves fractions. And that is the big reason why Monday is the worst day of the week.

It’s Tuesday morning and I feel great! Mostly because math is not the subject of the day. I head downstairs for breakfast and find my dad freaking out and my mom trying to calm him down.

“What is with all the chaos?” I asked.

“THE INTERNET IS NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!!” My dad yelled!

If my family could last a day without the internet then anyone can, and yet that makes sense because my dad couldn't even last the morning.

“NO INTERNET!!!” I yelled, “Here we go again.”

My mom said “Wait I have an Idea” “How about we go on a family walk?”

My mom will take any chance she gets to go on a family when she asks, she's not really asking.

“That’s a good idea Isa.” my dad replied.

“Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.” I said as I grabbed my shoes and started pulling them on.

As we walked I saw something big crawling around in the shadows.

“Mom?” I said “What is that?”

“What is what?” my dad said following my gaze to where the giant crawly thing was. He backed a step away and said slowly “Lets go the other way.” steering the family the opposite direction of the giant spider. But it already seemed to know that we were there and it started crawling toward us. Dad didn’t waste any time... “We have to go back home!”

Turning around I saw it...gray with black and dark blue stripes. “RUN!” I yelled. The spider was running toward us now. Thankfully it was far away from me, but I’m faster than my parents. “I know the way back home.” half expecting my Mom to worry as I led the way through the maze of trees. It only took me a minute but it felt like an hour before I finally saw the familiar brick house that meant safety

“Go to the safe room!” my dad yelled ahead, “I need to see what is going on!”

“We’re not going to the safe room without you!” my Mom argued, but my Dad didn’t come.

A loud thunk cut off the silence. My head darted to the window, up close the spider looked much scarier, the spider was about as tall as my dad. Then the spider banged its head up against the window creating another thunk and making a long and wide crack in the glass.

“GO!” my dad yelled,

I ran to the safe room, afraid of what would happen if I went back outside. The last thing I heard was the sound of shattering glass, then everything went black.

I woke up back in the safe room hoping that everything that happened was just a dream, but all of it vanished when I peeked out of the safe room.

“NO!” I screamed,

“That can’t be right.” I said,

My eyes blurred with tears as I dropped to my knees beside the all too familiar adults that had collapsed on the floor. All I wanted to do was collapse next to them and cry. But then I heard stomp, stomp, stomp. I looked up and there it was, eight dark red eyes staring right back at me. I stumbled on to my feet, there was only one thing I could do, but first I had to get out of the house. So I ran like mad to the door and busted through it. Then the spider shooted venum right at me. I made a shield around myself with star. When the venum hit the star a giant explosion erupted. I closed my eyes, waiting for the pain to hit when I didn’t, I opened my eyes. The spider was lying on its back, it’s legs were curled in, and still. Everything was still. CRASH! I heard the roof of my house collapse down on top of my parents. I was about to run towards the house when I heard a loud groan coming from all around me. All the trees started coming down slowly, and then they came crashing down. I dropped down onto the soggy ground, quickly making a star bubble around me. To my right, there was a sickening splat as another tree came down on the spider. More trees caught on fire. All of them kept falling. Tree after tree after tree. Until the groans of the trees grew faint and the waves of trees’ falling was far away.

I look up and there are these people riding on huge birds-wait those are not birds, they are winged horses! The horses landed gracefully on the mushy mud in front of me. I backed a step away,

“Who are you?” I asked

“Agh, no need to act so DRAMATIC! We’re just some weird people who fell out of the sky. Wait...” A small girl only halfway up my boot said. And I was about to dismiss her when I saw her eyes. One was red and one was blue and her hair was green that turned into red and then blue. A normal sized adult approached me, but what wasn’t normal was how she looked. Her hair was red, but not a brownish red. A flaming red and the tips of her hair were on fire.

“BACK AWAY!” I said shielding myself with a star.

“She’s a galaxy element? LAME! I’ve got THREE! Earth, fire AND wind. I’m just the coolest.” The little girl said stretching the wings on her back that was hidden under her oddly colored hair.

“Don’t be rude Skyler.” The other woman said.

“Fine.” The little girl said, pouting.

“What's going on?” I asked,

“And again, WHO ARE YOU!?” I yelled.

“Uhmmmm. YOU don’t know who I AM?? Only the youngest member of the FIRST FOUR.” Skyler shrieked.

“What are the first four?” I asked,

“This girl is CLUELESS. My, my, baby manticore we have some teaching to do.” A giant lion with wings and a scorpion tail nuzzled the tiny human.

“STOP IT SKYLER! We need to be NICE.” the woman said,

“ANSWER MY QUESTIONS!!!!!” I yelled,

“Okay so I’ll give her the sleeping gas and then we’ll drag her clueless little butt over to the school and catch her up on who I am and how amazing I am. OKAY LET'S GOOOO!”


“What? I’m just TRYING to help.”

“Just tell me what I need to do. My parents are dead and my home is destroyed.” I started crying. The lion came over to nuzzle me, I jumped back.

“He won’t hurt you.” The little tiny girl said. I cried into the lion's fur for a while.

“Come with us”. We can show you how to control your powers better. We only want to help.” The woman with the fiery hair said.

“Can I come back?” I asked.

“I’m afraid not. It is time for you to start a new life.”

--- The End ---



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