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Eclypse Backstory

By: Aila Mcphail

At first everything was fine, but definitely not a dream. I live on my home planet named something I still can't pronounce. My mom homeschools me and right now. I am half listening to her drone on and on about how fractions are apparently soooooooo important. Anyways, our house is not anything special or big, but big enough to fit my mom, my dad and my 9 year old self. My dad’s name is Jason, my mom is named Isabella, and my name is Eclipse Starlight.

My name matches something I have never understood about myself. I can create tiny stars, moons, milky ways and even galaxies with my hands. But I can’t make it too big or else I get really tired or lose control. Losing control of even a tiny star can be rather disruptive. My ability is pretty cool, but my family lives right smack in the middle of the woods so it’s kinda hard to practice. My Dad hates it when I make stars. He worries I might burn down the whole forest...and I kinda see his point. So mostly still to least while he is looking.

“Eclypse”, “Were you listening to anything I just said?” my mom said, dragging me out of my train of thought.

“No.” I said.

My mom sighed dramatically “Well. I guess what I meant was that you should stop day-dreaming when you are doing math and specifically fractions.”

I groaned and stomped up stairs. As you can see math is not my favorite subject, especially if it involves fractions. And that is the big reason why Monday is the worst day of the week.

It’s Tuesday morning and I feel great! Mostly because math is not the subject of the day. I head downstairs for breakfast and find my dad freaking out and my mom trying to calm him down.

“What is with all the chaos?” I asked.

“THE INTERNET IS NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!!” My dad yelled!