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Updated: Oct 8, 2021

I wrote this article because I love Disney and like to go there. I hope you have fun learning about Disney today. We will learn who Walt Disney is, the origins of Mickey Mouse, and Disney Today. Disney is a company that makes films and other things. I love Disney and like everything about it.

Walt Disney was born December 5,1901 in Chicago. He lived to the age of sixty- six. He was an animator, and made many films and cartoon productions such as Pinocchio, Fantasia, Cinderella, and Dumbo. He loved to write, and later in his life became an American entrepreneur. And that is when he created Mickey Mouse.

Some may have thought Mickey Mouse was Walt Disney's first character. But actually, Walt's first character was a rabbit called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit! Walt Disney actually lost him because he did not read the fine print in a contract! After losing Oswald, Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse. Later, after Disney had taken off, Disney bought Oswald back.

Mickey Mouse's first name was originally Mortimer Mouse. When Walt Disney changed the first name to Mickey, he made Mortimer Mouse the name of Minnie Mouse's uncle! Mortimer owns a cattle farm in Death valley and is one of Mickey's nemeses.

Walt Disney had big dreams. That is how the Disney parks came to be. Walt’s work paid off, and now Disney has theme parks and production facilities all over the globe. The theme parks are located in Florida, France, Japan, Hong Kong, and California. The first theme park ever built was in Anaheim, California. Disney is super popular! Part of the reason Disney has grown so much is because Disney purchased film franchises like Marvel and Star Wars. Disney now also owns and operates resorts, water parks, and a cruise line. Disney continues to make films, and has created cable channels like Disney XD, the Disney Channel, and Disney Junior. Disney is so popular that even random hotels have the Disney channels!

I wrote this “All About Disney” article because I live in Florida! My family and I love the Disney parks and like to visit them as frequently as possible! I would go all the time if I could! I also like to take vacations to a Disney resort or on a Disney cruise. I like to play Disney's sorcerers of the magic kingdom.



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