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Crew's Backstory

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

My name is Cadence Smith and this is my Player Character project for the role-play game Lusa and the Last Winter role-play series. My characters name is Crew Raze... He's a human with multiple dragon powers (half-dragon) and has the Myers Briggs Personality Type: The Advocate.

His Dad was the only dragon who survived the first Druun then hiding as a human, later ending up marrying his mother (a human) they soon ended up having their first and only son Crew the only half-dragon. With this unique occurrence Fanda took lots of interest in him and made him second in command giving him control of more than half of Fanda's forces. But soon Crew soon discovered that if the war kept going it would lead to disastrous results when he saw his parents fighting over which side to be on. So he became one of the Gem Keepers. His powers are: Night vision, turning into a wolf, turning into a dragon, controlling water, invisiblility, and heating things to the point of explosion.

Wolf Form

Dragon Form



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