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Creative Intelligence

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

At WEquil we view intelligence as a quality one can cultivate. There are five forms of intelligence that we focus on including creative, intellectual, emotional, digital, and practical. Students at WEquil.School cultivate intelligence by creating projects that relate to these core skills. In this article we will be focusing on Creative Intelligence and how our students are demonstrating competence in this area.

What is Creative Intelligence? Creative intelligence is the ability to use one’s interests to create value for others. Our interests may not be particularly unique. For example, many kids at WEquil.School love Harry Potter or playing Minecraft. Creative Intelligence gives us the ability to use those interests to create projects that are both novel and useful. For example, an article about our favorite character from Harry Potter, or a class on how to build 3D Schematics in Minecraft. Students who demonstrate Creative Intelligence instinctively turn their interests into valuable learning, writing, and teaching opportunities.

Why is creative intelligence important? It is extremely important to have creative intelligence because essentially it teaches you how to leverage your interests to create value. Of course this also teaches you about yourself and how you can use more naturally interesting things to create. This is also an easy way to start using the deep learning process which teaches you many other skills such as collaboration, how to iterate and improve your projects, public speaking and much more. It also is a great stepping stone to intellectual intelligence because you are getting better at creating projects and making it easy to write an article or make a video. By doing this it is then easier to start creating harder projects on more challenging subjects since you don’t have the added struggle of creating the project.

How can you cultivate creative intelligence? The easiest way to start cultivating creative intelligence is by following the creative learning process. Essentially the creative learning process is a way to quickly find a project idea based on your interests. The three questions are “what interests you?”, “why?”, “how do you want to share your interest with the world?” Very quickly you can get a sense of some natural interests you have, and how you can turn it into a Minimum Viable Project. Creative Intelligence also requires you to be able to create a project that is novel. This develops creativity and is also something you could say is required in order for a project to be valuable since if it isn’t new, then what is the point of creating a copy of someone else’s work?

In conclusion, creative intelligence is an extremely important skill to have. WEquil.School is developing a degree for those that can demonstrate Creative Intelligence. This demonstration will require some minimum number of projects and public demonstrations. The specifics are still being socialized with our community. You can learn more at WEquil.School and join our community to start your journey of developing creative intelligence.



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