Cadence Smith, Chief Activities Administrator at WEquil.School

Please congratulate Cadence Smith on beginning his professional career ... right here at WEquil.School! He is our new "Chief Activities Administrator" a position our leadership team unanimously approved given his unique qualifications. Starting next week he will be responsible for helping our members more easily track, attend and help automate communication for our growing list of activities. We are excited to have his leadership as we head toward migrating to the new WEquil.App and scale our community to the world.

Cadence Smith ... A leader by example

Cadence was one of the first students to join WEquil.School when the pandemic first broke our in early 2020. He is the older brother of five siblings and regularly helps his mother Amy Smith (pictured above) take care of chores and routines. He is also a diabetic, and has for years taken on the responsibility of managing his medication including the care of of his dog who can smell when his blood sugar levels move rapidly.

For more than a year Cadence has been a student leader by example for WEquil School. His contributions are too extensive to list in this article. Some recent highlights include...

Publishing an article on the Dangers of Gene Editing and sharing his insights during our Genomics Demo Day...

Sharing his original compositions Pain and Redemption during our Composition Demo Day with James Fernando...

And creating entertainment for our members through comedy...

...more than once...

Cadence has also been the trusted owner of our Minecraft Realms login information and Captain of the server, helping ensure that students do not play during school hours, but encourage them to play together and build community. Recently he was promoted from Captain to "Server Sensei" and helped research and source a "Super Server" for WEquil School. This allows us to expand our Java class in Minecraft and bring more students to weekly Team Building events!

He has also published more than a dozen articles that students at WEquil.School for years to come can use to be inspired to discover new interests. In so doing he now only set a good example for the school, but also helped our leadership team recognize the powerful of learning by doing.

Lifeschool in Action

Cadence "The Advocate" as he wrote in an article he co-authored with Sumay, CEO of WEquil.School. They point out that ...

"The advocate personality is very rare only making up 1% of the world. Which is about seventy four million people. That’s not even enough to replace the population of Japan! Advocates are passionate about helping people and doing the right thing. They are very principled in what they believe is right and have a concrete idea of what they perceive as good."

"Most Advocates say that helping others is what gives them purpose in life. Advocates have a knack for knowing what someone is feeling at first glance but can often feel misunderstood since it is hard to find people like them. Advocates can be extremely soft-spoken but will almost always assert themselves when standing up for what they think is right and what they are very passionate about."

These qualities are a critical part of what allows students at WEquil.School to take on leadership roles. Cadence lives these qualities...and his influence on his siblings was evident when we went to visit them in Florida for our LifeSchool Demo Day.

In many ways, Cadence has this opportunity to begin his career so early because of something his mother Amy shared with Sumay and Aila when they first launched WEquil.School. Amy shared with us the philosophy of LifeSchool...the intentional learning through life experience. It was that seed that helped make so much of WEquil.School possible.

So as Cadence begins his first step in his career ... let us remember that like everyone he is still learning. Let us be very supportive and helpful. Like everyone does when they first start something...they are likely to make mistakes. That is why our members believe in the Principle..."Freedom to Fail". We need to be free to fail in order to learn to take risks, take on responsibilities, and discover our limits!

Congratulations Cadence!

Thank you for your example.


WEquil Group Leadership Team