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Today we’ll be talking about bears. We’ll be going over the different species, where they live, and how they live. Bears are not scary after you get to know them. I hope you have fun talking about bears. Now into the topic of Bears.

There are several types of bear species. The different type of bears are Grizzly/brown bear, American black bear, Polar bear, Giant panda, Sun bear, Sloth bear, aisan black bear, Pizzly, Cave bears, Spectacled, short faced bears, Actorithium, the Ailuropoda, and Spirit bear. The spirit bear is actually a black bear with whit fur, kind of like if your parents both have black hair but you have blond hair. All these different bears have adapted to certain habitats which is why if you take a polar bear to North America it won't survive. Now we’ll go to where the different bears live.

Bears live in many different places including Asia, North America, the North Pole, North Canada, India, and Indonesia. Bears can be found in any of these places and can only survive there. If you find a bear in any of these places Do Not Approach It. If you don’t like bears it's still fine to look at them in the zoo behind glass. Now we’ll be looking over what they eat and what their lifestyle is.

Bears are omnivores which means they’ll eat meat and plants. Different bears have different abilities, like black bears can climb. In the winter all bears go into Hibernation except the polar bear which does not hibernate. All bears have one or two things in common like all bears are strong. Bears are very cool but you just have to get to know them.

I hope you learned a lot about bears and liked this article. I thought bears would be an interesting topic to write on. Again I hope you learned a lot. I’ve been writing a lot of articles lately and never got around to this topic and I finally got around to it. Hope you liked it.



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