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Basketball Club

WEquil.School's Basketball Club is for boys and girls ages 12 and up. We meet at the Falls Church Community Center every Monday and Wednesday from 2-3PM ET. Instruction will be provided by Joe WEquil, Co-Founder of WEquil.School. Our founders love basketball and would love to team with you!

Basketball Club Playlist:

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How to join

Step 1 - Signup!

WEquil.School charges a small fee to host our clubs. This one fee gives your student access to all of our clubs! You can subscribe for a free weekly trial and cancel anytime on our website.

Step 2 - Join Room

Once you sign up WEquil School will invite you to our Basketball Club Room on our app at the link below accessible through the web. You can also join from our mobile app by downloading it from the Apple App Store. Just search for "WEquil App".

Feel free to introduce yourself to other parents in the room once you join! If you have a WEquil.School "About Me" project you will be prompted to share this to help you connect with others in our learning community!

Step 3 - Prepare for your basketball meetup

New members are encouraged to create a project sharing what they hope to get out of our Basketball Club! You can do this by creating a project through the app and uploading it to the Basketball Club Room.

After that you will want to learn more about our Club format.


Our coach, Mr Joe WEquil, will provide coaching instruction during the full hour between 2-3pm on Monday and Friday. Activities will include a mix of drills, and game play meeting students where they are at in terms of practice and experience.

Games will be structured based on the number of players in the club and broken out into age and ability levels as determined by our coach. Students will have a lot of influence over the structure of games so help improve comfort level and enjoyability.

Ambitious players may form teams to compete against other local teams. Our first team is an all girls team called the "Peaceful Warriors". We do not hold tryouts. Instead, we require girls with interest to stay an extra half hour after the club to engage in cardio exercises to build endurance.

Parents with interest in helping assist with the club or coaching other basketball teams through our club can meet with our head coach during our regularly scheduled meetups.

Why join?

Basketball is a great sport for building well rounded physical health. Many sports focus on just one aspect of physical health. Running primarily builds endurance. Baseball primarily builds coordination. Football primarily builds strength. To play basketball well one needs to build all three. This is why WEquil.School has chosen to make Basketball our first team sport.


Thank you for your interest in our Basketball Club!

Questions regarding our format, our clubs, and other topics can be directed to our founding family. Our contact information is available through the WEquil.App Basketball Room.


WEquil Family


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