Asian Fusion Chicken

By the WEquil Family

We have never had a more action packed three months in our family’s history ... our team at WEquil.School grew from basically our family plus Wei Jiang our CTO to about twenty. Looks like the sky in the limit for the school built and led by kids, but only if we can get back to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

During the ramp up we basically ate out a lot ... or forgot to eat ... or ate bacon ... yeah lots of bacon ... and ramen noodles ... because apparently Sumay codes faster while eating mostly ramen noodles. Suffice to say that we were so excited about everything happening at school we dropped a lot of good habits like cooking and eating together.

So to get back into the habit we are going to be doing a lot of cooking this week, starting with this new dish we made up called Asian Fusion Chicken!

Here are the steps...

Start with 7 drumsticks. Cut slits in drumsticks so Fusion flavor can soak in easily the meat.

Then create the sauce by putting the following into a bowl that you mix before pouring over the chicken...

Grate 3 garlic knobs

⅙ cup grated onion

⅓ cup soy sauce

½ cup olive oil

1 teaspoon of paprika

1 teaspoon of black pepper

1 tablespoon of sugar

Once you pour ... fuse it by massaging the sauce into the chicken for maybe 15 minutes.

Cook in the stove without a cover for about one hour. Flip the chicken over once every 15 minutes so both sides heat evenly and fuse in the juices.

Then eat on a balcony overlooking a beautiful lake, preferably from a hill on a nice Autumn afternoon.