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Arm Yourself With Specific Knowledge

Hello everybody! Today we are going to talk about what specific knowledge is, and why it is important. After that, some tips to help you discover your own specific knowledge! This was all inspired by the tweet storm by Naval Ravakant, creator of and venture capitalist. I hope you enjoy and find this insightful!

So, first off, what is specific knowledge? Humans have this idea in their minds that everything can be taught in school. And although this may seem true, it isn't. Specific knowledge is knowledge that people can not teach, but can learn. They can learn this through experiences and all the different circumstances you have. Some examples are: your childhood, your friendships, different conversations, your interests, your personality, etc.

As you can see, this knowledge can only come through your experiences, and since no one lives an identical life to someone else, this knowledge can not be learnt. Your specific knowledge has to come to you from all the things your have been inspired to do, what you parents believed was important. All these factors combine to shape your specific knowledge.

Your specific knowledge will be something you are interested in. If you're not interested, it's not your specific knowledge.

No matter how hard people try, you can not teach specific know