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App Development Workflow

Updated: Apr 22, 2021


Welcome to the App Development team!

This post will be a guide to get started. It will go over basic workflow and standard procedures that we take when developing the WEquil School app.


We use GitHub to store and track our code. It is like an online notebook that we keep in case something goes wrong on our local machine.

As an example, imagine you are writing an essay in Microsoft Word. Then your computer shuts off and you never had a chance to save. All of that work is now lost. In order to prevent this, you will usually save periodically or even enable autosave.

We don't want this to happen to our code, especially if it is important code that will eventually be released for people to use. That is why we use GitHub. It will allow us to code and save it online somewhere so that if something happens to our computer, or even if we deleted it by accident, we will have copies of it.

Before moving on, create an account on GitHub using this link.

GitHub Branching

As I said before, GitHub is used to store our code so it stays safe. However, what if we want to test something? What if we want to delete code to test another kind of logic? What happens if that new logic doesn't work, or maybe even mess up the code all together? This is where GitHub branching comes in.