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Aila's Favorite Picture Books

Hello, I am Aila and I would like to share with you summery's of my favorite books that I have written. Hope you enjoy! 😉

The Sneetches, By Dr Suess

There are two kinds of sneetches, those with stars on their bellies and those without. The star belly sneetches treated the plain bellies badly. Basically, Dr. Seuss uses the stars as an example of racism, with plain belly sneetches mirroring many of the experiences of African Americans before the success of the civil rights movement. But instead of sit-ins and speeches from Martin Luther King, all the Sneetches are taught a lesson by a witty economist that tricks them out of all there money by using their prejudice against them.

Lesson: The story of the sneetches teaches us not to judge a book by its cover.  We should treat everybody the way they want to be treated. No one is better or worse. Everybody deserves respect and an opportunity to share their unique gifts with the world.

If you want to read along with someone here is a link to our reading on SoundCloud.

Brare terrapin tug a war

All the critters were sitting around the fire having a good time until everyone started bragging. Suddenly Brare terrapin (who is a turtle) claimed to be stronger than Brare bear. Brare terrapin had to prove it. So they had a tug - a - war where  Brare terrapin was in the lake and Brare bear pulled from the top. Then Brare terrapin tied his end of the rope to a tree root. 

Lesson: Using your brain is better than using your strength.

To read along with this book here is another link.

Yurtle the Turtle

There once was a King name Yertle ruled over a little pond called Salamasoned. The pond was full of happy turtles until Yurtle wanted more power. Yertle demanded that the turtles stand on each others backs to create a giant throne. Every day Yertle demanded that the turtles make his throne bigger until the turtles rebelled. Then Yertle fell from his throne into the mud.

Lesson: Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely

If you are interested in listening to this book here is a link!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

This book is about a town who loves Christmas. But there is one person who hated Christmas his name was the grinch. Well... too bad because it's Christmas Eve. So the grinch comes up with a plan to steal all of the presents. Then the grinch makes himself all the supplies he needs and takes all of the presents.

To find out what happens next, buy the book and read it!

Lesson: Christmas isn't about gifts. It's about having fun and bring people together.

To listen to this book click on this link!

I am Martin Luther King Jr.

Ever since Martin Luther King Jr. was young he always got back up. He always liked books even before he could read. Martin was born in a time where blacks did not have rights. His desire to help was inspired by the courage of Rosa Parks, a black women, who would not give up her seat on a bus for a white man even though that was the law. After that, he helped lead the civil rights movement which resulted in equal right for people of all races including the right to vote. Dr King is very famous for his speech called, "I have a dream".

Lesson: Race, color, gender and clothes do not matter. We should all treat each other equally and respectfully.

Thank you for reading my first blog post!


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