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After the Fire - Available Now on Kindle!

A short story by Sumay McPhail

On Earth Day in the year 2035, the ice caps on Antarctica split into three pieces and slide into the ocean. Tsunamis hit South America and New Zealand first before swallowing surrounding islands. Ocean levels rise over 100 feet, displacing about half the world’s population. That same year, the Earth Liberation Army (ELA) begins “Operation E-Day” … a global attack on fossil fuels.

ELA attacks destroy much of the world’s energy infrastructure still mostly dependent on fossil fuels including oil and natural gas. Many governments collapse and unemployment globally reaches 25%. Millions die from heat stroke without power for air conditioning as temperatures exceed 50 degrees Celsius. Millions more die from lack of food as heat waves turn farms into deserts. The luckiest survivors congregate in self-sufficient cities built in the mountains where ice caps supply ample water and solar panels gather sunlight above the clouds. Less lucky survivors are under constant threat from a growing war between the ELA and the Petrol Gangs that rise up in opposition to E-Day.

Technological progress accelerated in the years leading up to E-Day in large part because of Cyberlink, a symbiotic supercomputer that connects directly to the human brain. Lone Kusm (L - own, Koo - sum), the creator of Cyberlink, shocked the world when he made the technology available to all children ten and under.

One girl named Fenix was lucky enough to get Cyberlink when she was a baby. This is her story...told using a copy of her Cyberlink’s log file.


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