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My name is Twig and this is my Player Character project for the roleplay game Lusa and the Last Winter roleplay series. My character's name is Twig...She hated having a restricted life, full of rules and restrictions. She constantly went out exploring, looking for adventure. One day while walking around town she found dragons in some secret society. She listened to them for a while, and when she figured out they were trying to bring the two factions back together, she revealed herself. She begged to join, and eventually they allowed her when she told them she was daughter of Fanda’s advisors, and she could be useful. And so she joined the Gem Keepers.

Character Details:

Roleplay Game: Lusa and the Last Winter

Occupation: Daughter of Fanda’s advisor’s

Dragon Breed: LeafWing

Personality Types: Entertainer ESFP - T

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