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Updated: Oct 8, 2021

I got the idea for this article when I was visiting the FL Kennedy Space Center. I love space and science and want to share my experience with you. I love NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and I like space. I wish I could go In a rocket now. Today we will talk about how NASA came to be, NASA’S current space exploration, and the future of NASA.

NASA is a space exploration company! NASA started during something called The Space Race. The Space Race began in October 1957 and lasted through July 1975. The space race was a race to the moon! The countries involved in The Space Race were the Soviet Union, and the USA. The Space Race took place during a war called The Cold War. The USA was the first to the moon! That is how NASA came to be and has grown a lot since The Space Race.

NASA works with many companies including Lockheed Martin, and SpaceX. Space travel is complicated science. NASA lunches humans up to the International Space Station (ISS) very rarely. NASA mostly launches satellites and probes into space. NASA already has probes that have gone to Pluto and past the solar system! Space exploration is very hard. It takes years of planning and testing to launch a human into space!

NASA’S future will be very advanced as it continues to work with private companies. NASA’S ISS is being used as a home base for future space exploration. A private company is building a global internet network called Starlink Network. Satellites for the Starlink Network have been launching nearly every other week! Starlink Network is just one example of the high tech future coming our way as NASA and other space exploring companies continue to reach for the stars.

Now that we’ve reviewed how NASA came to be, NASA’s current space exploration, and the future of NASA you’ve had a taste for my excitement about space. I wrote this article because I love space and science. I hope you’ll look for a chance to go and see the space center and watch a rocket launch. I hope you’ll have as much fun learning about space and NASA as I did.

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