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Long drives across the country are great for reflection. We discussed many things but one topic stands out...Love.

We started by playing, “What is Love ... Baby Don’t Hurt Me” (1). Then we asked the girls about what they thought love really meant. Aila said that she feels love “when Mommy hugs me”. Sumay said she feels love when Daddy “tells me I’m awesome”. We talked about the six kinds of love (2) and the five love languages (3). We read through 1st Corinthians on the meaning of love...a key part of our marriage vows (4). We concluded with an old favorite of mine from Take 6 called “I Love You” ... a Christian song that blows my mind (5).

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The greeks had six words for love (2): philía, éros, agápe, storgē, pragma, and philautia. After learning their meanings it became apparent just how inadequate the one word "love" is in describing the many ways we feel love. Here are the definitions as articulated by the never inaccurate wikipedia: