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The 30% Rule

The 30% Rule means you don’t wait until your personal battery runs out before you recharge. Dad came to the 30% rule during his career as a consultant. It means you give yourself a buffer. If you think it will take you 10 hours, tell others it will take you 13...that gives you breathing room to handle the unexpected.

The rule is important for relationships too because it’s hard to be mentally present when we are worried. Following the 30% Rule helps reduce anxiety.

The most powerful benefit of the 30% Rule comes when someone close to you has an emergency. Maybe they don’t even tell you it’s an emergency, but you are aware enough to feel it because your mind is not clouded with your own worries.

This happened today. Aila was practicing her reading for 2 hours and could barely keep her eyes open. Mommy and I explained that it’s OK to ask for breaks. She shouldn’t wait until she is about to fall over before recharging.

It’s a great feeling to have learned something valuable as an adult, and then teach my kids so they don’t have to figure it all out on their own.



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