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We're pioneering a transformative approach to education, one that moves beyond traditional classroom paradigms and taps into the immense potential of project-based learning. Ever since the onset of the pandemic, we've stood at the forefront, guiding both parents and kids through this dynamic learning methodology. Our expertise in coaching families stems from a profound belief in the power of applied, hands-on experiences.


With project-based learning, kids don't just acquire knowledge – they cultivate a passion for learning, dive deep into real-world applications, and create tangible projects they can proudly reflect upon. By joining us, you're not just enhancing your child's education; you're investing in a learning journey that's meaningful, impactful, and lasting.

Personalized Project Based Learning Consultation

One-on-one 30 minute coaching sessions on how to apply project based learning in your child's education based on their strengths, interests and passions. Each session is $60 and will help you implement various strategies to inspire your child to love learning. Our goal is to coach you out of needing our services so your child is self motivated to learn and create!

One-on-one 30 minute coaching sessions on how to apply project based learning in your child's education based on their strengths, interests and passions. If you create a learning pod on WEquil App and your child publishes a project every week you get free consultations because you are adding value to our educational ecosystem by creating opportunities on our app.

Paid Consultation

For $60 a week, embark on a personalized learning journey tailored to your child's unique educational needs. Our one-on-one half-hour weekly sessions are crafted to empower parents with the insights, tools, and strategies essential for infusing project-based learning into their child's curriculum.
  • WEquil School

    Every week
     7 day free trial
  • Direct coaching from our experienced project-based learning consultants.
  • Personalized strategies to align with your child’s interests and learning pace.

  • Regular feedback and continuous support to ensure optimal learning outcomes.

  • Exclusive resources, templates, and guides to aid your project-based learning journey.

Free Consultation

Dive into the world of project-based learning without the price tag! Our free subscription offers the same personalized consultation as our premium package. Instead of a monetary exchange, parents contribute to the WEquil App ecosystem. Here's how it works:
  • Establish a learning pod on the WEquil App.

  • Have your child publish a creative project every week.

By choosing this approach, not only do you enjoy top-tier consultation, but you also play an active role in enriching our community. Every project your child publishes adds invaluable content for other parents and learners. This reciprocal model ensures that while you receive expert guidance, our app continually grows, and more families benefit from diverse learning opportunities.

Thanks for signing up! We will reach out to you as soon as possible.

How Does it Work?

Create a Learning Pod

Upon sign up we will schedule a call to walk you through creating a learning pod on WEquil App in which you can connect with other families.

Schedule Your Consultation

Schedule a weekly time for your free project based consultation with us. Just let us know days and times that work for you and will get back to you!

Publish a Project Every Week

Every week have your child publish a project they are working on from the consultation sessions so they can see their work and adds to the example projects for other students!

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