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Learning by Doing

Empowering students to love learning through creation.

Join Our School Activities!

We have several meetups, clubs, classes and opportunities! To join, fill out the information below and await our admins to approve your access to the school activities page. Thank you!

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Global School Podcast

Ed-tech entrepreneurs, parents and innovators come together to discuss how to best learn, grow and create through the Global School. Join or watch through the links below.

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Project-Based Learning

We help young people learn through creating projects such as publishing books, teaching classes, conducting research, making apps and more!

Present your project

Each week, our students present their projects to showcase what they've learned. This not only helps develop their public speaking skills, but it also keeps parents informed about their child's progress throughout the week.


Build Your Digital Resume 

Our student's projects are stored in their digital portfolio. This portfolio will serve as a valuable tool for building their digital resume, helping them to gain admission to better colleges and land better jobs in the future. 

Join Clubs

Meet other ambitious kids through virtual learning pods and clubs like the debate club and AI club!

"WEquil has been great for my daughter! She has been excited about learning and sharing what she learns with others. She's learning how to use tech tools in a responsible way, and building her confidence at the same time."
- Nicole Coustier
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Build life, academic and career skills


  • Collaboration

  • Cooking

  • Organization

  • Independence

  • Communication

  • Problem Solving

  • Decision making

  • Time management

  • Money management


  • Self directed, project based, applied learning

  • Learning to Learn

  • Learn by Teaching

  • Public Speaking

  • SAT Prep

  • Using AI Tools

  • Writing



  • Management

  • Delegation

  • Goal Oriented

  • Technical Skills

  • Digital Resume

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Critical Thinking

  • Initiative
  • Creating Value

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