Global Learning Community ...

... with a shared mission

Our mission is to help ourselves and others travel the path of equilibrium ... 

 ... a journey of opportunities that allow us to help others by using our unique strengths, interests, and passions.

 We do this together by following shared principles

Humble Confidence

Confident ... enough to be unafraid of failure.

Humble ... enough to be relentlessly curious.

Radically Transparent

Honest ... respect others with the whole truth.

Reflect ... respect yourself with self-acceptance

Self-Directed Collaboration

Lead ... using your unique strengths.

Team ... with those that share your deep interests

Founders and Student Leaders

Sumay WEquil, Co-Founder

Chief Executive Officer

Aila WEquil, Co-Founder

Head of Community Outreach

Aaron Stark, Entrepreneur and Lead Product Designer

Chirag Biswas, Student Mentor, Moderator

Beckett D, Leader and Student Teacher

Benny F, Leader and Student Teacher

Antigone Stark, Director of Communications and PR.

Anya Roloson, Lead Media Consultant

Aanya, Class Moderator and Flutter Instructor

Cadence Smith, Captain of Student Team Building

Community Leaders and Fellows

To keep us true to our principles 

Amy Smith, Mother

Thought Leader on LifeSchool

Aaron Weiner, PhD

Fellow and Psychologist.

Christina Roloson, Mother, Community Leader

Austin Smith, Father

Senior Mentor, Life Coach

Jarrod Smith, Accountant for WEquil Group

Aarond Roloson, Father, Community Leader

Zaynab Dean, Mother, Tutor, Community Leader

Gene McPhail, (very patient) Father and Philosopher

Jennifer DeVille, Mother, Community Leader

Ilya Rahkovsky PhD, Chief Economist of WEquil Group

Mike Stark, Father,

Senior Advisor

EdTech Developers

Scaling our community's imagination

Wei Jiang, Chief Technology Officer of WEquil Group

Mboya Michaels, Senior Flutter WebApp developer

Chidiebere Chukwuma,

Senior Data Scientist

Sharon Zheng

Flutter Developer


To inspire us to imagine our potential

Justin runs the online platform MySchool that connects homeschoolers from around the country.

Rishi is the Chief Operational Officer of WEquil.Capital

Evelyn is running an online tutoring service called Evelyn Educates and is part of the Innovator Series.

Nisha is the Founder of AI Kids a platform where young people learn what AI is and build AI

Tremier is running WEquil School's Higher-Ed initiative and used to work at High Tech High.

Jessica is the Founder of Private Applications a company that helps with college applications and more!

Josh is a serial entrepreneur and is an 80% unschooler located in Australia.

Ainsley is the Founder of NRVWebOne a service that helps startups grow their brand.

Executive Advisors 

To listen and give you a voice 

Stacy Levin, Entrepreneur,

Executive Advisor

Sarah Fullmer, Flutterista,

Executive Advisor

Lihong Lu McPhail PhD, Co-Founder,

Chairman of the Board

Joe WEquil, Founder and

CEO of WEquil Group