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Virtual Classroom

Learn to create projects from interests and life experiences! 

Project Ideas

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My Personality

We have a great started project for members. Click the picture!

Learn from Struggles

Share about a struggle you turned into a tool for personal growth.

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Tell a Story about You

Share experiences you had such as adopting a pet.

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Family Activities

Share experiences you have with friends and family that you never want to forget.

Seizing opportunities

Share about a time you turned a problem into an opportunity.

Featured Projects

Discover your limits


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WEquil Live

Watch our interviews with entrepreneurs and members at

Sumay's Blog

Sumay's blog contains many articles that fit the "Life School" theme.

Aila's Blog

Aila's blog contains many articles that fit the "Life School" theme.

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WEquil Group

WEquil Group has several blog categories like "Sangha" that fit this theme

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WEquil Tube

WEquil Group has a YouTube channel with many life school like projects.

Member projects are displayed below

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