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A community of parents and educators leveraging technology and learning by doing for education.

Our Principles


How to Join?

WEquil School is a community on WEquil App that you can join through the button above. However, if you have your own group of families you would like to connect with anyone can create their own learning pod through the app. You can create a pod by making a new Room in the rooms page an inviting others to join! Rooms can be set as private for a safe and secure learning environment.

We hope to connect with like minded individuals in our group to fill the gap of socialization and community that homeschooling and alternative education often brings.

How To Participate?


Demo Day

Join Demo Day where kids and adults present their projects.


Creating Projects

Create anything that is novel and useful about whatever your want.


Learning Pods

Build your own learning pod of families that you want to connect with.


Clubs and Classes

Join a class or club created by students in WEquil School


Follow Us

Follow WEquil School on any of our platforms.

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Support Us

WEquil School is a free learning community. However, if you feel that we have contributed positively to your learning experience, we offer the WEquil Membership as a means of showing your support. Please note that membership is not mandatory to access any of our products or services, but it is greatly appreciated.

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