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Intellectual Intelligence

What is Intellectual Intelligence?

Intellectual Intelligence is learning to enjoy subjects that aren't very naturally interesting, but are still very important to know such as STEM. Although we encourage students to follow their interests, you also like the things you are good at and it is important to be able to appreciate learning about more technical subjects since they will be necessary to know.

Stretch yourself to explore more objective aspects of reality such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Projects to demonstrate would show an ability to deeply understand, connect and relate these skills and knowledge to the students life.


Intellectual Intelligence
What is Intellectual Intelligence

This video outlines what Intellectual Intelligence is, why it is important and how to develop it. You can also view the Project Based Learning Series for examples.

How to Discover Great Project Ideas.jpg
Creative to Intellectual Intelligence

Going from Creative to Intellectual Intelligence can be hard. This project outlines some strategies to start creating Intellectual projects and making the process easier.

Project Based Learning Series
Project Based Learning Series

Our Project Based Learning Series features some of our best projects as examples for different pillars of intelligence. Check out the Intellectual Intelligence projects for ideas!

Project Examples

Example projects demonstrating and building core intelligence.

Make a Difference.png
The Revolutionary War

A presentation from Sumay Lu, CEO of WEquil App, on the Revolutionary War.

Adventures of Stuffy McLu

A project from the perspective of a stuffed bear recalling it's favorite adventures.

Adventure in Your Own Backyard.png
Backyard Adventure

A fun project on sledding in our backyard that teaches video editing and reflecting on experiences.

Common Sibling Arguments.png
The "Serious" Playlist

A series of comedy videos created by the founders of WEquil School that are super "Serious."

Compose Your Own Music.png
Compose Music

Create something new and useful by composing your own music and sharing it with others!

Screen Shot 2023-01-05 at 1.18.34 PM.png
The Curse

A short story published on Kindle by Aila the CEO of WEquil School. Cover drawn by a student named Mina.

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