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Online Education

Learning by Doing

Learning by Creating

Learning by Teaching

Remote Learning

Self-Direct Your Learning

Online Class

Learn the skills needed for the future


Creative Intelligence

The ability to add value to the world by leveraging your interests

Math Formulas

Intellectual Intelligence

Growing intrinsic curiosity in understanding the world and learning topics such as STEM

Holding Hands

Emotional Intelligence

Understanding human psychology and using that understanding to build relationships and collaborate


Digital Intelligence

Knowing how to navigate our digital world and developing a digital identity


Practical Intelligence

Being able to gain financial capital through adding value

    Accelerator Program    

A paid personalized coaching service to students who are new to project-based learning

Our Featured Services


A tool to help kids leverage their love of Minecraft to learn programming in Java and WorldEdit!

minecraft gamer background.jfif

Project Based

Videos every week with project ideas and guidance on project based, self directed learning!

Art Class


Self-directed classrooms on anything leveraging curated knowledge from the internet with certifications.

Learning with Tablets

Coding Classes

We teach everything from Flutter to Python to Scratch to help you along your programing journey!


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