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Flutter Class


Sumay McPhail

Lead Flutter Instructor

Aila Photo.JPG
Aila McPhail

Lead Flutter Instructor

Mboya Michael
Michael Mboya

Lead Flutter Instructor


Flutter Basics

Getting Started with Flutter

How you can get started learning and playing around with creating apps in Flutter without downloading anything or prior programming knowledge.

Lesson 2: Basic Widgets in Flutter

This video explains some basic widgets that you will be using often when developing in Flutter.

The Basics of Flutter

This video explains all the basics and knowledge you need to know to start creating your own simple Flutter applications.

Flutter Intermediate

Basic Database with Flutter

A video on how you can create a simple backend for your Flutter applications. This helps you understand the functionality that goes behind backends within apps.

GestureDetector Widget

This video explains how to use the GestureDetector widget that allows you to step up your UI game when developing Flutter applications.

GridView Widget

How to use the GridView widget in Flutter that allows you to create uniform UI easily and simply.

Other Resources

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