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Flutter Apps Classroom

For #FlutterKids anywhere that want to build apps and scale their imaginations for free

Flutter Apps

Project Ideas

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Create your own games and play together on the WEquil School App

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Solve a problem that can scale by building the solution in code

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Create something beautiful and interesting to share using new Flutter widgets

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Help build the new WEquil School Personality Tool

Code Academy
Code Academy

Join Code Academy where members learn by helping us build the WEquil App.

Getting Started

Step 1 - Setup Flutter (click blue button)

Flutter's official website provides detailed instructions for how to install Flutter and all the other software you need to start building Apps. Our videos use the Mac Operating System.

Having Trouble? Try using first ... which allows you to practice using Flutter over the web without installing anything!


Step 2 - Watch Videos (click red button)

We provide complete and detailed instructions on our YouTube Channel. Watch these beginner videos first, then subscribe and watch more as you progress.

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Step 3 - Join #FlutterKids and start building



The Flutteristas are an amazing group of women that build Flutter Apps

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Pawan Kumar

Pawan is a lead Flutter developer with a great podcast!

Meetup Group

Join our meetup every morning Monday through Friday at 8:30am EDT.

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Flutter Website

The Flutter Website is a great resource with tools and community!

Demo Day

Watch our App Building Demo Day and consider joining us next time!

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FlutLab is a great place to create, debug, and build cross-platform projects

#FlutterKids are free to join WEquil School where families build apps together. Our collaborative environment connects members around shared interests so we learn, create, and share together!


Apply from home page and connect through social media.


Check out  #FlutterKids Apps  on WEquil School App.


Build with help from our project ideas and resources.


Share your app with the world by joining our Demo Day!

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#FlutterKids apps are only available through the WEquil School App which is free to download by WEquil.School families. 

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