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Frequently Asked Questions

Why project-based learning?

Project based learning is an approach that allows young people to create real things like publishing a book or teaching a class. Because of this it gives them real world experiences and therefore real world skills. You also have a record of all your creations allowing you to showcase what you know.

What are the benefits of WEquil School?

WEquil School teaches kids how to learn and create. Nobody knows what the future will look like and what types of jobs there will be. Because of this, it is important to build your skills instead of just your knowledge. Skills such as knowing how to learn quickly, communicate, make money, program, use online resources, etc. are essential and will be helpful no matter what profession you are in.

What if my child isn't motivated to learn?

WEquil School leverages young people's strengths and interests to come up with project ideas so they are excited about what they are creating. For example, a child who is interested in playing Minecraft will be excited to teach other kids how they can program in Minecraft. The trick is to find project ideas that excite the student with learning that happens by accident while they are having fun! This is what WEquil School specializes in.

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